Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom Beta v1.2 is released!

We’re happy to announce the release of Sky Wars Beta v1.2, the Warrior career update! This update includes a complete and total overhaul of the Warrior career specializations – Knight, Blademaster, and Dragoon.

Included in these updates are a total reworking of their talents and abilities based on testing and feedback from the community. The Knight has more options as a protector of the group, the Blademaster is more deadly but more vulnerable and the Dragoon has some stunning aerial combat maneuvers.

Black and White Edition

We also created a printer-friendly Black and White edition. It’s not perfect but it should work for the time being – this was a request from a number of players attempting to save on printer ink or who had visibility issues. We removed a number of full-page spreads for art, all the backgrounds and coloring where possible.

Head over to the Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom page to get v1.2 now!

As part of the ongoing Career updates, I’ll be continuing to release faster, smaller updates to each Career. Some careers don’t require much in the way of changes (Rogue is fairly straightforward) while others are going to be completely revamped (Mage, I’m looking at you). There’s also the possibility of additional specializations being added to each Career so keep an eye out!

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One Reply to “Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom Beta v1.2 is released!”

  1. Matt Williams

    Hi, a bit late to the party. Interested in the system and going though the conversation. A few things. Why half orcs? Why not just make them orcs, and reskin the orcs enemies as something else (or not, whichever). The half breed aspect just makes them stick out. If there’s gonna be something with them being half-, sure, but as is kinda odd. Golems are kinda bland compared to the droids in Star Wars, or even Warforged in D&D’s Eberron. While it would be extra page space, it’d be cool to see some custom ways for them to spend XP to customize them. Because as now, just buying up to a 2 in all their stats, to be equal to humans, is 120 XP, putting them at 100 XP to spend otherwise, and I don’t know if their race ability ought to cost that much.

    For classes, I think the only odd ball is the monk being put into the cleric group and not among the warriors. (I’d shift Dragoon to a special career, another universal list, but requires something special to get into, weather that be certain skills, enough XP, a quest, whatever. Something like a prestige class, yes, but the mechanic makes sense from the back story. They sound like more of an elite organization, not just what warriors can be). As for what the third cleric option can be, maybe something like a witch or shift the warlock to cleric which leaves mage with three specializations. And since I’m talking about classes, how do you gain access to abilities/spells? You buy them with XP, right? What about the abilities that don’t have trees that start at the top? How they work is probably pretty clear on your end, but it’s less so on mine. Explaining it better would help.

    For skills, I’d maybe keep gunnery as siege weapons (the skill to fire a bow and run a catapult or a scorpion are pretty different). Also, considering it’s a fantasy setting, I’d split up brawl and melee again. Those are how people fight, much more than ranged, so making it cost to be good at both makes a certain amount of system sense.

    Those are what has stuck out for me so far.

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