Star Wars Beyond the Edge: Episode 0

We do an RPG intro for Episode 0 of Red Shirt Down’s Star Wars RPG live play podcast.

S1E0 ‘RPG Intro – Completely Optional Secret Episode’

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Rob and Matt give a bit of background information on their actual play podcast, providing an RPG intro that covers the broad rules and game mechanics of Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG.

While not a full ‘how to play’ breakdown, this episode should serve as a general introduction to the podcast so you’re not completely lost when listening if you’re not familiar with tabletop RPG’s or the Star Wars system in particular. This episode is completely optional and you can feel free to skip it.

In this 22 minute primer, we cover the following:

  1. Game setting – World, System (FFG), Time
  2. Characters – Characteristics and Skills
  3. Dice and Skills – How the dice work and the success/failure, threat/advantage, triumph/despair results
  4. Combat – Rounds/initiative, Action + Maneuvers, Range Bands and Damage
  5. Narrative Encounters – How skill checks drive the narrative + example

You can find the full list of episodes here:

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