Star Wars Beyond the Edge: Episode 1

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S1E1 ‘Just A Quiet Day at the Market’

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Having finalized their agreement with the leader of a criminal organization on Socorro, the group decided to shore up their cash reserves by answering a call from Anata, Jabba’s contact and spy on Tattooine.

Anata had a lead on the credits that some of Teemo’s old henchmen had stolen when the group had blown up his palace, and everyone decided to kill two birds with one stone by pleasing Jabba and taking a cut of the credits. With rumours that Teemo’s Kubaz spy, Thweek, had stolen the credits, they tracked him down to his family home on Naboo.

The group split up, with the medical droid Vex, angry wookie Lowhhrick and smuggler Pash heading after Thweek, while their mechanic, Mathus, assassin droid Jerry and scout Sasha went to the marketplace for supplies.

Vex managed to get the location of Thweek’s family summer home, on the edge of a nearby forest, from Thweek’s mother and using other clues found the location in short order. After managing to talk down Thweek from within the cottage, Vex and the group convinced him to join their crew and give over the credits, in exchange for protection against those that were chasing him. They came to the arrangement just as another group of Teemo’s former thugs showed up looking for the credits – they fought the group off, killing half of them before the rest surrendered.

Meanwhile, Mathus, Sasha and Jerry wander into the large open air market and begin heading towards the equipment and weapon stalls when a massive blast rocks the market…

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