Star Wars Beyond the Edge: Episode 3

Join us for Season 1, Episode 3 of Star Wars, Beyond the Edge actual play podcast!

S1E3 ‘Cult of the Empire’

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In Episode 2, Mathus, Sasha and Jerry were shopping on Naboo when an ion bomb exploded in a market.

After giving chase to a pair of robed figures, a quick brawl erupted in an alley, with our heroes leaving victorious. A local security agent has promised to meet them back at their ship, as there is a potential reward for anyone who is daring enough to put an end to the cultists.

Our band of brigands regroups at their ship, the Drunken Mynock, as Pash, the drug-addled smuggler, Lowrick, the always-angry Wookie and Vex, the fretful medical droid rejoin the party.

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