Star Wars Beyond the Edge: Episode 9

Join us for Season 1, Episode 9 of Star Wars, Beyond the Edge actual play podcast!

S1E9 ‘Adventures in Babysitting!’

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Previously, on Episode 8, the crew of the Drunken Mynock raced through the forests of Naboo in pursuit of the local governor and the kidnapped children. After disabling the Stormtroopers landspeeders and bravely stunning the children unconscious, our heroes confronted the shaken troopers. While Mathus and Sasha are busy saving the orphans, Jerry and Kader Rhan duel a scout trooper pilot on speeder bikes.

Can Jerry and Kader Rhan defeat a well trained Imperial pilot? Do Sasha and Mathus have what it takes to take on a squad of stormtroopers and survive?

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