Star Wars Sidequest Episode 1: The Call of Tatooine

Join us for Sidequest Episode 1: The Call of Tatooine, a special adventure from our Star Wars, Beyond the Edge actual play podcast!

Sidequest Episode 1 ‘The Call of Tatooine’


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In Season 1 of Star Wars: Beyond the Edge, our heroes have managed to finally leave the planet of Naboo after a number of harrowing adventures. The crew of the Drunken Mynock discovered that the sinister cult operating on Naboo was actually the front for an Imperial research facility until it was taken over by a crazed force-wielding cult leader.

The cult had kidnapped a number of orphans, who after being rescued were promptly kidnapped again, this time by shady Imperials! After dealing with stormtroopers and a sociopathic governor, the crew was taken aboard a star destroyer and interrogated by the Imperial Security Bureau.

Finally returning home, they discovered their asteroid station under attack, and swiftly murdered the would-be invaders.

With their asteroid base safely under their control, our heroes finally have some time to relax and expand their ever-growing criminal empire. Their relaxation is soon interrupted by a holographic message for Mathus, from an old friend on Tatooine…

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