Star Wars Beyond the Edge: Episode 10

Join us for Season 1, Episode 10 of Star Wars, Beyond the Edge actual play podcast!

S1E10 ‘Ominous Music!’


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Previously, on Episode 9, the lighthearted and caring crew of the Drunken Mynock raced through the forests of Naboo and caught up to the kidnapped children. A quick but heated firefight left the children unconscious, the governor exploded and the all the stormtroopers save one killed.

After questioning him for information on the Imperial facility they had narrowly escaped, our heroes took the shaken children back to the Drunken Mynock’s hangar. ¬†Awaiting them was four full squads of Stormtroopers and an Imperial officer, who politely but firmly invited our adventurers aboard the star destroyer Relentless for a conversation with his commanding officer.

Can our heroes find out what the Imperials want from them and leave the Relentless unharmed?

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