Star Wars Sidequest Episode 2: The Call of Tatooine

Join us for Sidequest Episode 2: The Call of Tatooine, a special adventure from our Star Wars, Beyond the Edge actual play podcast!

Sidequest Episode 2 ‘The Call of Tatooine’



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Previously, on Sidequest Episode 1, our heroes were taking a much-deserved break on their asteroid station in the Socorro sector when they received a holo message from Tatooine. Mathus’s old mentor Honwoo was being shaken down by local thugs and criminals who had popped up in the vacuum of Teemo’s death.

Feeling doubly responsible, Mathus, Lowrick and Jerry flew the Drunken Mynock to Mos Shuuta, a small town a few hours drive from Mos Eisley. There, they found Honwoo hurt but alive, victim of a vicious beating delivered by Thresh, a local gang leader who claimed ties to Jabba. Not wanting to upset Jabba if he was indeed on the Hutt’s payroll, our heroes loudly asked around in the local cantina and found a Twi’Lek who was eager to throw Thresh to the wolves.

After discovering his gang’s whereabouts, the crew went back to Honwoo’s in order to upgrade their equipment for the fight ahead. Mathus, working closely with Honwoo, flawlessly improved Lowrick’s Vibro-Axe, Jerry’s Vibro-Rapier and Mathus’s shock gloves.

Ready for whatever is to come, the group watches the double suns set over Tatooine and thinks of revenge…

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