Star Wars Sidequest Episode 3: The Call of Tatooine

Join us for Sidequest Episode 3: The Call of Tatooine, a special adventure from our Star Wars, Beyond the Edge actual play podcast!

Sidequest Episode 3 ‘The Call of Tatooine’

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Previously, on Sidequest Episode 2, most of the crew of the Drunken Mynock were relaxing back on their asteroid base in the Socorro sector. It had been a hectic few days, filled with adventure, danger and mroe danger, and they were enjoying their time off. Mathus had received a message from a contact on Tatooine, letting him know his old mentor, Honwoo, was being accosted by local thugs.

Accompanied by Lowrick, the madcap wookie, and Jerry, the even crazier assassin droid, Mathus returns home for the first time since they blew up Teemo the Hutt and escaped with Trex’s YT-1300 light freighter. After finding out that Thresh and his gang are living on a farmstead a few hours outside of town, the gang decides to ambush his men as they return home from a cantina late at night.

The ambush is going off without a hitch, as Lowrick’s well-placed grenade put one of their speeders out of commission and their blades do the rest of the work.

Unfortunately, it seems that Mathus has angered a Gundark, which has taken a special dislike to Mathus’s R5 droid Eco…

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